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Retreat Dharma Talks at True North Insight

Form and Emptiness: The Role of the Body in Deep Meditation

2014-04-17 (4 days) True North Insight

2014-04-17 Bring Me Something That Isn't Medicine. 38:17
Michael Stone
Michael Stone opens a silent retreat talking about seeing everything as medicine and how meditation teaches us how to practice intimacy, even with old wounds.
2014-04-18 Form & Emptiness: The Role of the Body in Meditation Practice. 49:10
Michael Stone
Michael Stone uses the teachings on emptiness to work with the body. He calls sitting "physical practice" and he describes yoga as "psychological practice."
2014-04-19 Love, Death and Oak Trees in The Garden. 51:14
Michael Stone
On silent retreat Michael Stone talks about the Zen koan "Oak Tree in the Garden," as well as the meditation practice as "a politics of love." He describes in detail the Buddha's death.
2014-04-19 Guided Meditation 42:34
Michael Stone
by Michael Stone with focus on the tongue, palette, position of fingers, and subtle physical tricks to open the mind in Vipassana practice. Recorded on silent retreat.
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