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Retreat Dharma Talks at True North Insight

Meeting Our Emotional Life with a Dharma Heart

2022-02-11 (3 days) True North Insight

2022-02-12 Morning Instructions: Rooting in Embodiment: 61:02
Jean Esther
Guided instruction in bringing one’s attention to body, breath and sound as foundational for meditation practice.
2022-02-12 Compassion: An Organic Response to Wise Understanding 60:53
Jean Esther
As we discover the 3 characteristics of life in our meditation practice, we begin to recognize their truth in all aspects of life beyond our mediation practice. Through this clear understanding, compassion for self and others emerges organically. The cultivation of compassion practice directed towards our own or others suffering can also strengthen this quality in our minds and hearts. This talk includes some guided practice.
2022-02-13 Morning Instructions: Meeting our Emotions with Wisdom 39:33
Jean Esther
These guided instructions within formal meditation practice are also applicable in meeting our emotions in our everyday lives.
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