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Retreat Dharma Talks at True North Insight

Opening to Our Lives with the Heart of the Dharma

2024-05-02 (4 days) True North Insight

2024-05-03 Eating Meditation 4:02
Jean Esther
First day of retreat - brief eating meditation instructions
2024-05-03 Guided loving kindness practice for self and/or benefactor 24:58
Jean Esther
2024-05-03 The five hindrances: doorways to waking up 48:58
Jean Esther
Identifying the five hindrances as the object of our meditation can loosen the grip of self identification with these often unpleasant mental states.
2024-05-04 Morning Instructions: Identifying feeling tones as doorways of release 17:28
Jean Esther
Identifying pleasant/unpleasant/neutral vedanā and their relationship to the five hindrances.
2024-05-04 Guided compassion practice - with self and other 53:14
Jean Esther
2024-05-04 The power of equanimity in relating to our worldly life 5:16
Jean Esther
This talk points to both the fruit of equanimity as well as its cultivation in meeting the challenges of being human
2024-05-05 Closing talk 21:07
Jean Esther
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